It is a shame

It is a shame that much  information comes to this site in unpublishable form.    There are many good and bad things going on in Reydon and Southwold that deserve publicity but they do  need to be presented in a sensible, literate, understandable way.  The source of any information published here remains unidentified and confidential.

We are also happy to publicise local events – enough people are reading us to make this worth while !

We took a break

but clearly while the cat was away the mice have continued to play…

Rumours still rumbling about Easton Bavents and local property developers.  District Councillor Sue Allen remaining strangely silent at Pathfinder meetings while local ‘retired architect’ Paul England has seen property owned by his family at Easton Bavents have its certificate of lawful use withdrawn by Waveney Council.

Did you know that the police station in Southwold has been up for sale since March this year ?   This was approved by the Suffolk County Council on 27th March but there has been no word from Southwold Council about an issue you might think would be of interest to its electorate.  See

Does this mean we will lose our police station as well as the fire station and should the town council not be telling us ?

Gentian plans to take over the town seem to have been grounded.  The Blue Lighthouse now operating as a pop-up restaurant and vintage shop while the launderette and flat are still empty.

Meanwhile watch out for changes at the old Southwold Arms next to Sutherland House where another property company has applied to enlarge the frontage of the building to enable it to become one large retail unit…would this increase the chance of another national chain moving into the town.

Finally, how nice to see the new bakery obviously doing well. Does this show that local people might have been right about local business ?  Does this show that planners don’t listen ?





Ultimate planner

Paul Ashdown, a Conservative member at Waveney, has been appointed Chairman of the Development Control Committee  i.e. Head of Planning.   He replaces John Groom, the previous Chairman,  who is best known for using his casting vote in the controversial Costa Coffee decision which changed the face of Southwold High Street (A3 use).

Interestingly, Councillor Groom was subjected to a disciplinary hearing in 2010 over the use of his casting vote as Chairman for a development in Bungay.  The application was for the demolition of a building and the construction of twelve two-storey houses and bungalows in Rushmere Road, Carlton Colville.  The allegation was that Councillor Groom failed to declare that he was allegedly a personal friend of the owner of the development site but he did  remain in post until now.

Councillor Groom has good local catering connections -  reported most recently providing the catering at  a Southwold Town Hall lunch.

Let’s hope Mr Ashdown will support ‘Localism’ as originally promoted by Eric Pickles and his Conservative colleagues.







Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday to Mumfords and long may it remain.

Welcome to The Tea Shop – is it open yet ?

Permission has been given to developers Gentian and their local agent John Bennet,for the old launderette to be used as a restaurant/cafe.  Another one ?   Next to Costa ?!   Presumably Costa are not very pleased?!   Presumably also it will have to be another ‘chain’ in order for the rent to be paid.   It was advertised at more than £50,000 pa.


Solar Farm in Reydon

There is to be a solar farm in Reydon – some would say against all logic since two weeks earlier Waveney  refused permission for a double garage to be built opposite the solar site.  The officer said of the garage ‘A structure should not need to be screened from view by planting.   The need for this suggests it is not proposed in the right location.’  i.e. an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Just a fortnight later the same committee agreed to a nine foot hedge to screen 18,000 solar panels.  How strange !

Reydon Solar Farm – incentive or bribe ?

At a site meeting today at the proposed solar farm in Quay Lane, Reydon, it was announced that residents in Reydon are being offered £150 off their electricity bills if the solar farm gets planning permission.   Reydon Parish Council are apparently also being offered £8,000 as a contribution to road improvements in Quay Lane.       These offers from Niels Kroner of AEE Renewables, the company which wants to erect 18,000 solar panels on the site currently used as farmland.

The offers were made in front of members of Waveney Development Control committee on an official site visit ahead of their meeting to decide whether to approve the plans.  Mr Kroner said residents would receive a £50 a year discount on their electricity bills for three years if the solar farm is built AND if they use Good Energy – a small, green energy supplier based in Chippenham Wiltshire.

We are told the Reydon Parish council members attending seemed supportive of these plans.   Will the councillors  be able to explain to voters the difference between an ‘incentive’ and a ‘bribe’ ?


Amusing to see Nick Ekins, the Chairman of Gentian the property company busy developing Southwold High Street, accusing us of being NIMBYS because we don’t share his love of ‘chains’.

We aren’t NIMBYS Mr Ekins we are STEDS – Sorry to See Developers – and so it seems are many of our visitors as last Sunday (Bank Holiday weekend)  every cafe in the town was packed with people apart from Costa.